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Part of my goal in developing this site was to learn more about what causes molar pregnancy and to identify commonalities among women who have experienced a molar pregnancy. To do that, I created a survey that covered areas of medical history, pregnancies and miscarriages, molar pregnancy details, spouse/partner history of fathering children, environmental factors, and other areas that might have some effect on molar pregnancy.

Unfortunately, the data from my original survey was lost.

I posted a new survey between October 14 and October 25, 2004, and I have now finished tabulating and documenting the results. You can view the complete report by clicking on the link below.

Disclaimer: I am not a scientist, physician, or statistician. The results of this survey were not obtained under a controlled condition and thus are not to be considered medical, legal, or scientific fact. This report is merely an illustration of the common factors present in a small sample of women who answered my Internet-based survey during the data collection period mentioned above. Although I do discuss some of the results in this report and raise some questions regarding their possible significance, I have tried not to draw any specific conclusions.

Neither I nor any other person or company connected with is responsible for the use or misuse of the information contained in this report. All material contained in the report is my copyright and should not be reprinted or reproduced in part or whole in any format without my express written consent.

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