I compiled, edited, and published the two books below with the help of dozens of women who willingly wrote out their most painful experiences in detail, from the initial excitement of that positive pregnancy test to the horror of the negative ultrasound or other indications of something gone wrong. Some, like me, recovered without chemotherapy. Many did not. Their experiences, their feelings, the reactions of their friends, families, and doctors, their highs and lows, their successes and failures, and yes, even the occasional recurrence are captured here as a testament to their strength and their desire to help others like them. You will find my own story in the 2008 volume, and in the 2015 volume you will find a foreword written by Dr. Donald Goldstein of the New England Trophoblastic Disease Center at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, considered one of the best physicians in the field of GTD.


More My Molar Pregnancy:
Personal Stories From Diagnosis Through Recovery

More My Molar Pregnancy


My Molar Pregnancy:
A Collection of Personal Stories From
Diagnosis Through Recovery


Both books are also available to purchase in pdf format so they can be read
on your phone, Kindle, Nook, tablet, iPad, laptop, or computer!

More My Molar Pregnancy: A Collection of
Personal Stories From Diagnosis
Through Recovery (PDF; 2015)


My Molar Pregnancy: Personal Stories
From Diagnosis Through Recovery

(PDF; 2008)


I am not affiliated with either of the following sites, but I was so impressed by the greeting cards offered on both that I wanted to link them here for any family members who are trying to help a loved one and simply don’t know how to say “the right thing.” (Warning: Some of the cards use strong language that might be offensive to some people.)


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